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Summer is Here!

We are officially less than a week from Summer Solstice and the weather has been incredible!

Here's the madness that has been June for me so far:

June 2: House Show in My Back Yard

My spouse decided in all his wisdom, that we should have a mini music festival in our backyard. I believe this happened while he was talking to a guest on his podcast radio show (Witchpolice Radio) on our deck and how it would be a great venue for accoustic bands. So, we set up a stage on the deck facing our back yard, invited a bunch of friends, and musical artists:
Project : Constellation up from North Dakota, along with local performers including Roger's Arsenal, Gerrit Delaquis, and Anne-Marie Williot! 

Then it rained. All day.

We set up make shift tarp shelters and had the fire pit blazing. Everything turned out great in the end and I met some really fabulous people.

Anne Marie serenading us about French Lovers

We're totally doing this again.

June 3: Lamb Day at Long Way Homestead

My dear friend Anna had a special event at her fibre farm in St. Genevieve where folks could come and meet all the new lambs! So, of course, I packed up the girls and went to join in the festivities.

Turns out my girls were more thrilled about the other farm animals.

Left: Olivia with one of the farm cats who was only interested in destroying the thing that O was building.
Right: Liz and the chicks. I've never seen a kid love chickens this much. She was hypnotizing them.

I still have hopes of them being more interested in the sheep part, they certainly love wool enough!

June 9-10: Proutopia

The Manitoba Fibre Festival asked me to mind their tent at this festival near Winnipeg Beach for the weekend. They also asked that I bring some of my wares to sell. I took the opportunity to stay at the cabin we like to rent for the weekend and work out there as well. 

I had never been to Heidi Hunter's Proutopia before. It was an outdoor market that reminded me of Solstice Circus and Folk Festers. It was truly a unique experience! There were so may gifted artisans out there!

It was a pretty magical weekend!

News for the Month:

Pop Up Shop at My House on June 23: 10am-4pm

Lots of stuff left over from Proutopia. I am also clearing out everything from my Etsy store at 20% off! Lots of Mittkits and Sockkits to chose from at great prices. Make sure you come early to scoop them up before they're gone forever!

Class: Yarn Soup!

There are still a couple openings for this event!

When: Sunday, June 24, 2018 
Time: 1pm-4pm
- 2 skeins of Meri Jane (100% merino fingering weight) 
- dye and pots
Price: $80 + gst

You will need to bring appropriate attire for the weather* that can get messy!  Let's have fun with string!
*rain date will be June 30, 1-4pm.

This work-shop is limited to 5 students! So sign-up fast! Contact me at to enroll

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