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The Sky's Awake, So I'm Awake

Where'd Summer Go?

Last Stop for Cross Country Canada Road Trip KAL!

This proverbial train has been moving slowly across Canada over the last 2 years. We've stopped at most provinces and knit along with some fabulous Canadian designers. This last stop in Canada's Great White North has been quite the grand finale!

Michelle Krause of designed not one, but TWO shawls with HMY yarn inspired by Canada's northern territories.

I started off with some brainstorming about what I know about the northern territories, which honestly, wasn't a lot. I decided to take on this 2 year project to learn more about Canada and it's people and landscapes. So, I did a little research prior to dyeing. 

Dancing Skies Shawl

Of course I had to finish off the tour with fireworks. What better than nature's own fireworks: the Aurora Borealis? The Northern Lights are an iconic part of Canada's night sky. As the sun's light bounces off of the northern ice caps, blasts of colour blast across the midnight skies of the north. The light dances and plays for hours and if you have a chance to see it, it's pure, unadulterated magic that will make your heart leap. 

Lichen, Berries and Moss

I think the most surprising thing about Canada's Great White North, is the tundra. Most people think of tundra as a barren wasteland, but that's inaccurate and as far from the truth as possible. While the growing season is very short, the northern landscape really makes up for lost time in colour. This gradient was inspired by the intense autumn colours of Canada's tundra and all that does grow up north.

With Michelle's talented designs showcasing the yarn's main attributes, I should have been less surprised at the popularity! I have had to put a pause on production of both of these colourways until after the Manitoba Fibre Festival! Thank you to everyone for your continued support and patience! I never thought HMY would go viral!

If you also want to knit along, here is a link to the XCCRoadtripKAL, I'll be dyeing more yarn soon!

A Sad Farewell

It is with a very heavy heart that I said good bye to my dear friend and partner in crime, Korben Dallas. Korben and I have been a team for 19 of his 20 long years and every bit of it was adventure and snuggles. It feels strange not to have his sassiness around, getting all up in my knitting or chasing and ankle-biting. Rest well, bud, you were a fantastic cat.

What's Next?

Manitoba Fibre Festival

The Manitoba Fibre Festival is this happening this Friday and Saturday, September 14 and 15. Between replenishing orders for The Sky's Awake and Tundra, I have been super busy dyeing yarn, knitting ball sacks, making tins and stitch markers for the event. I always feel like I don't have enough to bring, but I'm mostly prepared anyways. I will be working until the day of, I'm sure.

HMY Advent Calendar

There are still a few Advent Calendars available for preorder here.  Get yours while you can! They will be shipped out by November 1st so they are ready to go for the first of December!

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