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Where is Spring??

Honestly, I'm kinda tired of the cold and snow. It should be that time of year for playing in puddles and garden planning. I'm definitely in no mood for either and from the sounds of things, there's lots of grumblings about how Mother Nature MUST be drunk.


SPRING BREAK 03.28 - 04.01

I took Sam and the kids to Little Retreat in the Forest in Gimli for 4 nights. We really enjoy the short trip into the boreal forest of Manitoba's Interlake. The cabin is small, fairly rustic, with a wood stove tucked in the back woods on 80 acres. There are all kinds of trails in the forest that we all enjoy trudging and they've recently put in a dugout pond where you can skate (if it's frigid like it was when we went) and take a few runs off the hill. They even have a teepee on site to check out. The kids love it and I can sneak in loads of knitting time in the peacefulness (when the rest of the family us out adventuring).  I have a few pics on Instagram if you're so inclined as to look.



I am packing it up for the weekend and heading out to the fibre retreat at Pinewood Lodge in the Whiteshell to get some well needed respite and teach a few classes! Saturday I'm instructing a class to make crochet mittens and Sunday morning I'm teaching a Ravelry crash course. I'm really looking forward to it. It's always a great time and BEAUTIFUL on Dorothy Lake. Be sure to say hi if you're going too!



So, mark your calendars folks!!


If you're interested in one-on-one classes, be sure to contact me! 

<3 Hilori

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